Outreach Activities

CISED’s research outputs are periodically shared with the academic fraternity and the wider public through articles in the press, technical reports and occasional books.

The Centre has published a citizen’s guide to encourage public intervention in the regulatory process in electricity in Karnataka. Other outputs include a recent technical report that reviewed the debates and the various discourses surrounding the concept of right to water. Some conceptual issues surrounding the assessment of socio-economic impacts of forest cover change (arising out of the Centre’s field-based research project on the impact of forest cover change on hydrologic regimes and the resultant impacts on the livelihoods of downstream communities in the Western Ghats), have been published in the form of an edited book by Tata McGraw Hill, while a new book, on the results of the research, is in the pipeline. Another book,  on the discourse and practice of Community Based Natural Resource Management experiences across South Asia, has recently been published by SAGE. 

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Articles in the popular media have also attempted to bring to public notice a range of concerns. These range from institutions dealing with village level forest use, to conflicts between traditional fisherfolk and outsiders in Chilika, in the context of Orissa’s new lease policy, to uranium mining in Jaduguda to the cost of reprocessing each kilogram of spent nuclear fuel.