CISED has tried to enable wider discourse on environment and development issues. In turn, our own understanding of these concerns has been enormously enriched by an exchange of ideas and experience-sharing with other researchers, practitioners and groups.

We have actively engaged with policy makers through writings on subjects such as the Draft National Environment Policy and the Joint Forest Planning and Management programme in Karnataka. We have also submitted written comments on various Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and taken part in public hearings in response to EIAs on the proposed projects in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh and Koodankulam, Tamil Nadu.

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Among other outputs, our position paper on rethinking participatory forest management in Karnataka was used by the Jana Aranya Vedike for their poster campaign. As a member of ForWarD, CISED (with SOPPECOM and GIDR) had made a presentation expressing concerns with existing watershed development programmes and suggesting changes to the Ministry of Rural Development’s (Parthasarthy) Technical Committee on Watershed Programmes in India in 2005. Some of these were taken on board by the committee before it came out with its report in 2006. The Group has now responded to the report with further comments.

CISED faculty members have also participated in policy forums such as the Working Group for the 11th Plan on Research, Education and Information in Environment and Forests. We also helped form the Bangalore Environment Studies Forum, a platform for dissemination and discussion on socio-environmental issues.

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