Core Faculty

  Sharachchandra Lélé
Ph.D in Energy and Resources, University of California at Berkeley
Coordinator and Senior Fellow

Sharad Lélé’s research interests include conceptual issues in sustainable development and sustainability, and analyses of institutional, economic, ecological and technological issues in forest, energy and water resource management. Currently, he is working on institutional aspects of forest management, analysis of land-cover change, and watershed services of forest ecosystems.



 M. V. Ramana
Ph.D. in Physics, Boston University 
Senior Fellow

Since his Ph.D, Ramana has spent many years doing interdisciplinary and technical research on various issues related to nuclear disarmament and peace. He is currently working on topics related to the economics and environmental impacts of nuclear energy in India. More broadly, his research and teaching interests lie in exploring various aspects of the relationship between science and technology, and development.

Ph.D. in Geography, Clark University, Massachusetts
Senior Fellow

Arvind’s research interests broadly deal with environmental and hazards management in the Indian context. He is presently employing perspectives from several disciplines to address an array of questions on societal responses to hazards. Arvind has conducted research and taught at Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, Texas; and at Administrative Staff College of India(ASCI), Hyderabad, India.

Shrinivas Badiger
Ph.D in Soil and Water Resources Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Shrinivas has broad research interests in development and management of surface-ground water resources in disturbed and managed watersheds. His future research plans include land-water management in the context of productive agriculture, inter and intra-sectoral water allocation and accounting at river basin-scale.  



Smriti Das
Fellow Programme in Rural Management, Institute of Rural Management, Anand, PG Diploma in Rural Development, Xavier Institute of Social Service

Smriti’s broad spectrum of research interests includes institutional and policy issues pertaining to natural resource management. She is also interested in decentralized planning and in linking local and global governance. Smriti’s Ph.D. thesis (draft submitted at IRMA), pertains to the institutions and politics of policy making in forest management, with particular focus on the issue of forestland encroachment in Orissa. The study tries to explore and interlink the processes at various levels and examines the scope for institutionalization of space in policy making for the marginalized voices.


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Former Core Faculty members at CISED include Esha Shah, Ajit Menon,  Priya Sangameswaran and Sarmistha Pattanaik 

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