Visiting Faculty

CISED has an ongoing Visiting Faculty programme, through which it seeks to bring in individuals to enrich the debates at CISED and write on subjects of their choice. Our Visiting Fellows come from a  variety of backgrounds,  with a strong record of work on issues at the environment-development interface.

Our Visiting Faculty member this year:

Pankaj H Gupta (2008-2009)

Pankaj comes from a background of documentary filmmaking and development communications, with a number of films on environment issues to his credit. As a consultant for IFAD projects in South Asia, he has also conducted many training workshops for grassroots workers. His current research interests are nature-culture linkages in the mountains, and sustainability issues of low-income communities in urban areas.

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His research as a Visiting Fellow at CISED will examine the impacts of commoditisation of organic food crops grown in the middle Himalaya. This takes off from his prior research on the environmental and social aspects of changes in the subsistence mode of production in Garhwal, carried out as part of his Masters in Sustainable Development from Staffordshire University.

CISED Visiting Faculty members in previous years









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