Research Areas

Environment-Development issues may be broadly divided into two categories: Natural Resource Management (NRM) and Energy and Pollution. NRM issues have perhaps attracted more academic attention in South Asia, but we believe that as a rapidly developing region, we should anticipate the pollution-related hardships, inevitable with unplanned energy and resource use.

Natural Resource Management
Natural Resource Management is a vital area, particularly in South Asia, where rural and even some urban communities still depend directly on surrounding natural resources and access to forests, to sources of water, to pastures and fields is crucial both for lives and livelihoods in the community. Our focus areas in NRM issues covers the sub-sectors of forests, common lands, water and multi-sectoral linkages.

Energy and Pollution
The generation and use of energy is often a crucial part of the development process. CISED’s current focus is on issues related to energy generation with the goal of advancing environmentally sustainable ways of doing so, both by critiquing the current paradigm and advancing alternatives. Identifying the likely environmental and economic consequences of a seven fold expansion of nuclear energy-based power generation and positing ecologically more benign alternatives is a primary focus of CISED’s research.


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