Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management is a vital area, particularly in South Asia, where rural and even some urban communities still depend directly on surrounding natural resources and access to forests, to sources of water, to pastures and fields is crucial both for lives and livelihoods in the community. Our focus areas in NRM issues covers the sub-sectors of forests and common lands, water issues and multi-sectoral linkages.CISED’s research encompasses the ecological, technological, economic, institutional, and political dimensions of the problems, and includes micro-level studies, rapid assessments, broad empirical reviews, and theoretical analyses. We recently completed a review of community-based NRM (CBNRM) that sought to understand the visions, shapes, and outcomes of NGO-driven initiatives in India, Bhutan and Bangladesh. This has just been published as a book. A complementary study, based on secondary literature, reviewed the experience with state-led programmes for decentralised governance of natural resources in India. Among major ongoing studies, a large, multi-disciplinary project aims to understand the long-term social and environmental impacts of watershed development programmes that have been implemented in dryland and semi-arid regions of 3 contiguous states in peninsular India, while a new research study on river basins addresses issues of water allocation, and compensation for environmental services provided by forest catchments.

Faculty members working on NRM issues

Sharachchandra Lélé, Shrinivas Badiger, Smriti Das Discover More Here Get More Information

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