CISED’s past research in water issues has focused on a number of dimensions such as the management of surface water in watersheds, the interpretation of tradition in the context of tank irrigation, and the question of equity. This research covers water resource issues at local, basin and national scales. It has resulted in a range of outputs such as critical theoretical analyses, literature reviews, empirical studies and strategy papers. More recently, we have explored the idea of right to water and rights-based approaches in different discourses. We have also initiated a forum for research and policy on long-term impacts of watershed development in the arid and semi-arid regions of India. Our work in river basins addresses issues of water allocation, and compensation for environmental services provided by forest catchments. Future plans include studying social movements in the realm of water in the context of globalisation, and analysing the different forms that privatisation in the water sector has taken in India.

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Faculty members: Shrinivas Badiger, Sharachchandra Lélé

Research Studies

Below is a list of abstracts for the outputs that have been produced under this theme.

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