Multi-Sectoral Linkages

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The past two decades of research on NRM have demonstrated that there exist strong but complex links and relationships between different focus areas such as forests and water. CISED has chosen this interface as a thrust area, to study the multilateral aspects that arise from this inter-relationship.

Our recent studies have focused on trying to understand how changes in land cover in the Western Ghats introduced by different actors might – largely unwittingly- change the hydrological pattern and sediment load in streams emerging from these catchments, and how these changes in land-cover and watershed services affect communities immediately downstream.

Another set of studies focused on various aspects of changes occurring in the agrarian situation itself due to the introduction of new technologies as well as conflicts around water resources.

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Faculty members: Sharachchandra Lélé and Shrinivas Badiger

Research Studies
Below is a list of abstracts for the outputs that have been produced under this theme.

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