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At the 3rd Biennial Research Seminar, 2008

CISED’s 3rd Biennial Research Seminar


CISED 3rd Biennial Research Seminar, to invite feedback on the Centre’s research, from a wider group of scholars and practitioners, January 11.

‘Theorizing the Political Practice: An Attempt to Understand the Impact of Environmental Struggles on Political Theorizing on Justice, Rights, and Citizenship’, a seminar by  T. Kannan, Post-doctoral Research Associate at CISED, January 30.

‘Urban Transport in India: Beyond the Nano and the Metro … and Back to the Basics’, a seminar by Professor Madhav Badami, McGill University, Canada, March 10.

“Environmental Beliefs and Practices - A Comparative Study of Scarcity and Contamination in 2 Districts of West Bengal”, a seminar by Pradip Swarnakar, Post-doctoral Research Associate at CISED, March 13.

‘Powerful Environmentalisms: Celebrity, Conservation and Capitalism’, a seminar by Dr. Daniel Brockington, Senior Lecturer, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester, UK, and Visiting Fellow, ATREE, Bangalore, April 10.

“Human Interference with the Carbon Cycle”, a seminar by Sagar Dhara, CERENA Foundation, Hyderabad, May 26, 2008.

“Harvest of Rain”, a documentary film by Sanjay Kak, screened on the occasion of World Environment Day 2008,  June 4.

“Knowledge Challenges at the Interface of Environment and Development”, a panel discussion by Ramachandra Guha, environmental historian, and Kalpana Sharma, senior journalist, at the Bangalore international auditorium, August 19, 2008.


“Aghanashini and her children”, screening of a documentary film by Kesari Harvoo and discussion with the director, January 11.

“Application of Geographic Information Sciences in Natural and Social Sciences”, a pedagogical talk by Raja Sen Gupta, McGill University, June 4.

“Regarding Capitalism: A Greening of Marxist Theory?” a seminar by Suhas Paranjape, visiting faculty member at CISED, on World Environment Day 2007, June 5.

“Brother Eagle, Sister Sky”, a poster exhibition on the occasion of World Environment Day 2007, based on the famous speech by Native American Chief Seattle on the human-nature relationship, June 5-6.

“Rethinking the Irrigation Dream: Water, Technology and Ecology in Colonial Bihar”, a seminar by Praveen Singh, visiting faculty member at CISED, June 19.

‘Strengthening of Democracy at the Grassroots’, a seminar by Dr. Sandeep Pandey, of the National Alliance of People’s Movements and Asha Parivar, June 25.

‘Whose Land is it? The Nambor Forests and Doyang Tengani Peasant Movement in Assam’, a seminar by Arupjyoti Saikia, visiting faculty member at CISED, June 26.

‘The distributed water paradigm’, a seminar by Veena Srinivasan, Stanford University, August 14.

“The US India Nuclear Deal: Underlying issues and debates, a seminar by M.V. Ramana, Senior Fellow, CISED, November 15.

“Sector Reforms in Water”, a talk by Priya Sangameswaran, Fellow, CISED, in collaboration with the  Collaborative for Advancement of Study of Urbanism through Mixed Media, at St. Joseph’s College, December 20.

CISED 2nd Biennial Research Seminar, to share CISED’s research results with and invite feedback from a wider group of scholars and practitioners, January 12.

“Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technologies”, a seminar by Indu Pillai, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai January 16.

“Rights-based Discourses in Water”, a seminar by Priya Sangameswaran, visiting faculty member at CISED, Bangalore, January 20.

“Impact of Environmental Regulation on Employment: Evidence from Small Scale Industrial Clusters in India”, a seminar by S. Tholkappian, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, January 20.

“Institutional Pluralism and the Failure of Weaker Institutions: The case of Surface Irrigation Systems in Kerala”, a seminar by P.K.Viswanathan, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, January 25.

“Globalization of Shrimp Culture in Chilika: Its Socio-economic and Environmental Impact and People’s response”, a seminar by Sarmistha Pattanaik, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, January 25.

“Mapping Livelihoods and Local Forests in the Indian Middle- Himalayas: Evidence from Field Surveys”, a seminar by Rinki Sarkar, visiting faculty member at CISED, April 27.

“Issues in Water Privatization: The Case of the Greater Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Project”, a talk by Clifton D’Rozario, Alternative Law Forum, August 29.


‘Political Economy of Energy’, a seminar by Professor John Byrne, Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware, January 18.

‘Democratisation of Technological Culture: The Role of Science and Technology for Development’, a seminar by Professor Wiebe E. Bijker, University of Maastricht, CISED-NIAS Public Lecture, August 16.

‘The Politics of Modern Biology’, a seminar by Professor Wiebe E. Bijker, University of Maastricht, CISED-NCBS Public Lecture, August 17.

‘Energy Strategies to Deal with Climate Change’, a seminar by Professor Robert Williams, Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton University, November 4.


CISED 1st Biennial Research Seminar, to share CISED’s research results with and invite feedback from a wider group of scholars and practitioners, January 12.

‘Remote Sensing and GIS based flood vulnerability assessment of human settlements: A case study of Gangetic West Bengal’, a seminar by Joy Sanyal, Research Scholar, National University, Singapore, June 11.

‘Battles over Nature: Nature Conservation in South Asia in Historical Perspective’, a seminar by Dr. Mahesh Rangarajan, June 22.

‘Urbanization and environment in metro and small town regions towards a local government focused conceptual framework’, a seminar by Dr. Solomon Benjamin, July 6.

‘Global commons, local solutions: Climate change policies and small-scale industries in India’, a seminar by Dr.Preeti Soni, July 12.

‘Reaching the un-reached: Towards an energy-development paradigm for rural India’, a seminar by Dr. Shirish Sinha, July 14.

‘The land surface hydrological processes- An evaluation using macro scale process models and application of remote sensing and GIS in hydrology’,a seminar by Dr. Venkataramana R. Sridhar, November 22.


‘Revisiting Indian Environmentalism’, a seminar by Ramachandra Guha, organized by CISED on behalf of the Bangalore Environmental Studies Forum (BESF), February 7.

‘The Influence Of The Global Politics Of Water On Local and Regional Water Management’, a seminar by Peter Mollinga, Irrigation and Water Engineering Group, Wageningen University, The Netherlands and Visiting Professor, NIAS, co-organized by CISED and NIAS on behalf of the BESF, April 10.

‘Understanding the Monsoon’, a seminar by Sulochana Gadgil, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, co-organized by CISED and St. Joseph’s College on behalf of the BESF, August 22.


‘The Environmental and Health Impacts of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle’, a seminar by M.V.Ramana, Princeton University, January 3.

‘Role of Women’s Studies in Recasting Academic Disciplines,’ a seminar by Janaki Nair, Visiting Fellow, ISEC and Tejaswini Niranjana, Senior ellow, Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore, March 8.

‘Land Use and Land Cover Change: Observations and Consequences’, a seminar by Navin Ramankutty, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE), Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin, June 10.

‘JFPM in Eastern Plain Regions of Karnataka,’ a seminar by Sharachchandra Lélé, A.K. Kiran Kumar and Praveen Shivshankar, August 1.

‘Risk, Disaster and Governance: Environmental Politics in India: Lessons from the Bhopal Gas Disaster’, a seminar by S. Ravi Rajan, Assistant Professor, Dept of Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, September 13.

‘Integrated Assessment of Climate Change: Models and Policy Analysis Framework’, a seminar by Ashish Rana, Post-doctoral Fellow, Social and Environmental Systems Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Onogawa, Japan, October 28.

‘Integrated Water Resource Management/Modelling’, a seminar by Shrinivas M. Badiger, Post-Doctoral Scientist, International Water Management Institute, Colombo, November 8.

‘Identification of Groundwater Potential Zones in Varaha River Basin, Andhra Pradesh using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques’, a seminar by K.S.R. Murthy, Centre of Remote Sensing, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, November 21.

‘Recovering Community Initiatives: The Case of the Indigenous Textile Industry’, a seminar by C. Shambu Prasad, Researcher, Greenpeace, Chennai, November 26.

‘Environmental Self-Regulation: Implications for Environmental Efficiency and Profitability”, Dr. Surender Kumar, Visiting Scholar, Department of Agricultural & Consumer Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana, November 29.

‘Environmental Risk Assessment’, William Kastenberg, University of California, Berkeley, USA, December 16.


‘Monitoring Human Impact on Land Cover Change in Developing Countries: Forging an Integrated Approach,” a seminar by Harini Nagendra, Centre for Institutions, Population and Environmental Change, Indiana University, USA, December.

All seminars are organised in collaboration with ISEC, unless mentioned otherwise.