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Discussing climate change                                                                And the Forest Act


Brainstorming Workshop to discuss issues related to India and Climate Change, ISEC Seminar Hall, Bangalore, January 25.

Regional Workshop on Understanding the Forest Rights Act, ISEC Seminar Hall, Bangalore, February 1.

National Workshop on Facilitating Consumer Participation in Electricity Regulatory Process: Exploring new Structures & Processes. Organised in collaboration with the Office of Consumer Advocacy of Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission and the Department of Management Studies of Indian Institute of Science, at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, September 11-12

National Workshop on Beyond JFM: Rethinking the Forest Question in India. Organised in collaboration with Winrock International India,TERI Retreat, Gurgaon, September 29-30.

Final Stakeholder Workshop on Exploring Options for Sustainable Water Management in the Malaprabha River Basin. Organised in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA), at Belgaum, November 5. 


Energy, Cities, and Sustainability: an exploration of urban issues with Professor John Byrne, Dr. Cecilia Martinez and students from the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware, at ISEC Seminar Hall, Bangalore, January 10.

Partners Workshop for Watershed Project: An interaction with Stakeholders in Watershed Development in Karnataka at ISEC Seminar Hall, Bangalore, July 4.


Electricity Sector in Karnataka: Emergent Issues and Stakeholder Perspectives July 25. 


Strategies to Realize a Non-nuclear India: Consultative Meeting in collaboration with Citizens for Alternatives to Nuclear Energy, Bangalore, January 29 .

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Watershed Development: Consultative Meeting with Technical Review Committee, in collaboration with SOPPECOM and GIDR, Pune, July 25.

Understanding Community-Based Natural Resource Management in South Asia: Bangalore, December 13-14.

Reconciling Conservation and Livelihoods in Practice: a workshop held in collaboration with ATREE, Samrakshana Trust, Foundation for Ecological Security, and Kalpavriksha, Bangalore, December 15-17.


Watershed Development in India: a meeting to launch ForWarD, the network for research, advocacy and capacity-building, in collaboration with SOPPECOM and GIDR, Pune, October 28.


Review and Brainstorming Workshop on Land-cover Change and Watershed Services in the Western Ghats Region: in collaboration with UNESCO & ATREE, January 27-28.

Workshop on User Consultation and Planning for Indian Mountain Millennium Assessment: in collaboration with ATREE & RANWA, April 22-23.

Review Workshop on Watershed Development Issues and Prospects, August 7-8.

Beyond SHGs and CBOs: Institutions and Democratic Governance of Natural Resources, a session by CISED at the Workshop on Sustaining Community Institutions, organized by the Indo-Canadian Environment Facility, at NIAS, Bangalore, September 9-11.


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Methodological Issues in Interdisciplinary Research on the Environment, a workshop organized in collaboration with the Indian Society for Ecological Economics, July 21-23.