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Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Issues and Cases from South Asia

Ajit Menon, Praveen Singh, Esha Shah, Sharachchandra Lélé, Suhas Paranjape and K.J.Joy 

About the Book
NGOs today, as part of civil society, have come to play a prominent role inSouth Asia in the context of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM). This book examines the theory and practice of NGO-driven CBNRM within the framework of emerging critiques of dominant discourses of development, the micro-politics of decentralisation and the projection of community development.

Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Issues and Cases from South Asia, breaks new ground by situating these critiques within six detailed cases of CBNRM initiatives.To what extent does CBNRM continue to offer a vision for the future and what role, if any, could NGOs play in this? The authors attempt to answer this question by seeking to understand the ideas and insights of CBNRM that intervening agencies bring with them and by examining the outcomes of the interventions and the strategies used to achieve them.

The book concludes that though these CBNRM efforts have made significant contributions to livelihood enhancement, the results gained are limited in collective action for sustainable and equitable access to benefits, continuing resource use, and in terms of democratic decentralisation.

Source: Sage Publications

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